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Calming Sleep Stones

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Unwind at bedtime before you go to sleep with this gentle essential aromatherapy fragrance of lavender and chamomile in the Sleepeze range from The Somerset Toiletries Co.

This jar of calming sleep stones is designed using lava rocks infused with lavender and chamomile oil helping to calm and comfort you at bedtime. Place the jar beside your bed and remove the lid 30 minutes before bedtime and the relaxing fragrance will help you drift off to sleep.

This stylish brown glass jar comes with a cork lid allowing the fragrance to be locked in whilst not in use. Once the stones have lost their aroma you can refresh them with more oils (sold separately).

Sleepeze is the home wellness collection from The Somerset Toiletries Co. specifically designed to help you relax and unwind with delicate fragrances lavender and chamomile, evoking the gentle feeling of calm.

This jar of calming sleep stones are a wonderful gift for a friend or relative, great for encouraging a good nights rest.